Thief (Fast) – Quick and silent, thieves are swift attackers, effective from both near and far.
• Proficient with dagger-type weapons
• Sleight of Hand (Trick) – Automatically conceal any small (palm-sized) object
• Starts with ’thief’s pack’

Magic User (Smart) – Commanding powerful spells, the magic user excels at powerful ranged attacks.
• Begins with 2 magic spells
• Illusion (Trick) – produces a small, brief magical illusion
• Begins with Flash (Feat)

Fighter (Strong) – Strong and reputedly ill-tempered, fighters are excellent in melee combat.
• Proficient with sword-type weapons
• Elbow Grease (Trick) – Automatically succeed any S TUFF strength test.
• +2 bonus when fighting with advantage

Druid (Virtuous) – Indomitable of will, the infinite power of nature is at the druid’s fingertips.
• Begins with 1 natural spell
• Whispering Wood (Trick) – small hints can be heard in the wind that rustles the trees
• Begins with Wrapping Vines (Feat)


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