Any feat that relies on a TL for success may be improved using AP. 1 AP will improve the TL of a feat by 1, e.g. S TUFF become RM TUFF.


  • Out of Sight – avoid be targeted for 1 combat round.
  • Burglar – automatically pick any lock of S TUFF.
  • Swift Disarm – disarm a target opponent (must occur as a reaction to an attack).
  • Feint – inflict 2 damage when an opponent misses an attack against you.

Magic User

  • Summon Power – On a roll of 6+, gain +2 temporary MP (lost after combat).
  • Replicate Spell – Cast a spell twice in one turn (still pay its MP cost).
  • Healing Touch – Transfer up to 4 of your HP to an injured ally.
  • Flash – Blind all visible enemies for 1 combat round.


  • Blood Feud – When damaged, gain +2 attack bonus against the offender.
  • Nobilis – prevent a nearby ally from taking damage (take damage instead).
  • Threatening – Enemies target you for 2 combat rounds (+2 temp HP)
  • Rage – lower enemy toughness level by 2 for 1 combat round.


  • Animal Form – take your animal form, gain one: +2 DAM, -2 TUFF or +3 TUFF
  • Wrapping Vines (II) – render target immobile for 1d5+2 turns (+2 improvement over wrapping vines).
  • Peaceful Warrior – avoid an enemy’s successful attack.
  • Earthen Spirit – on a roll of 6 +, gain/give +3 temporary HP (lost after combat).


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